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ok with support from across the channel french m.p.'s belonging to emanuel mccraw on march movements not only back the idea but have reportedly been giving advice to the founders of the new british party that holiday bensky picks up the story this is really a brand new political party that a boat to launch in the k. its goals are quite ambitious pledging to transform british politics and reverse brigs it it wants a second referendum on it i think there's no chance of brakes it being reversed the british people have spoken and that's an end of the matter they can bash their head against a brick wall although get is a sore head while the party is launching in the u.k. it's getting advice for of course the colonel here in prague for helping her and coming from a manual much for his party the public on the march with advisors said to be at
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a recent meeting it's something about tactics and it's normally one your good friends was like you can be like us and like many of the countries looking for because it was fields there i think the danger increasing you can look at the future musical and i think the movement of christian authors i believe with when you use the future you can embrace. burring the ideas of matter. which invited in every day people regardless of their experience in politics were new also calls on everyone to join and those behind it hope it'll work for them too we don't have much time the only way of winning is by the same miracle as michael. the u.k. electoral commission says there is no issue with the british party receiving advice
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from a foreign political party providing it receives funding from it so it's fair enough but what the reaction be if the advice was coming from a russian party will there be a great outcry as there would be if politicians from any political or from any other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do but i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from them not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we are stringing you for an interview to discuss the party but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about our year saying that ulty would look to undermine it also accused the channel of being a propaganda to answer jested that russia had interfered in the brig's boat dividing the u.k. for europe despite a lack of concrete evidence. clearly doesn't have
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a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing brigs it a referendum in which the majority of voters or pleased to leave you so it seems that for a new meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved even ski r.t. paris. and recent poll has found that the majority of americans believe their media is biased it comes at a time when ever more former senior government employees are moving into t.v. punditry with the controversy surrounding the recent nooners memo giving the last to talk about american explorers if there are grounds for the presumption of bias. many people seeking expertise on the new nose memo must be switching through channels these days so is it a big deal or is it underwhelming was the right to release it well here's a familiar face to answer all of the questions the fact that the newness of
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republicans denied the ability of the minority the democratic members of that committee to put out its report is just appalling he has abused the office of the chairmanship yes that was john brennan former cia director and now a member of the m s n b c family as a contributor brennan was a prominent figure in the intelligence community appointed by barack obama but that background doesn't necessarily mean he's biased right but bret is not the only intelligence official who's joined the ranks of mainstream media we also have josh campbell who resigned from the f.b.i. and joined c.n.n. as a law enforcement analyst he's yet to make his first appearance on the network but before he does here's an excerpt from his latest new york times op ed defending his former employee these political attacks on the bureau must stop these critics of the agency persuade the public that the f.b.i. cannot be trusted they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe it's not hard to guess what campbell will say on c.n.n.
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regarding the nunez memo which accuse the f.b.i. of bias and just a little reminder he was also james komi special assistant the same komi who's accused of wrongdoing in the memo but of course campbell and brennan aren't the first to make the switch there is an absolute leftist bias in the country most of the networks if you just add up for example the time that they speak negatively about the president it's about ninety percent of the time and there are numerous studies that show this where for example president obama he would do things say things and there would be no media coverage of it whatsoever and case in point are the recent memos that we're all seeing come out of course the republican memo released the new yes memo great scrutiny over most of the american media. there is little coverage when what should happen based on that memo for example would be that that molar is investigation should be expanded but that's not what the media has called for now it said that you can never teach an old dog new tricks so how
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can we expect these x. government officials to magically shed their previous political associations. are if. in the seventies president richard nixon was relentlessly mocked by the media for imitating a character from the film patton if that was life or should i say politics
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imitating art ironically what we have these days is the media imitating politics samir khan r.t. washington d.c. . the yemen crisis has seen almost fifty thousand people displaced in just two months more not to after this short break stay with us. thank.
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you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so we want to express. some want to be rich. if you'd like to be it's like a. big. industry always in the why. should . welcome back of the war in yemen is over a thousand days old on the humanitarian crisis in the country is only getting worse according to the u.n. almost forty seven thousand yemenis have been displaced since december while reports of children being killed or injured in sound led airstrikes keep coming in
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we spoke to some of those affected and just a warning you may find the following images disturbing. you know what do you. know you had ten how you can hunch they. all got together bannister didn't even know what a bus title hello and. then he would have first sort of hello want. to know all. of the you should lose money. that you. were.
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actually going to possibly have a gamble by me michelle. button has it and i get to be a you know. i get always more. they should love. a second on the end of the letter. just to remind you the saudi led coalition started its incursion in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen against the opposition fighters the seized power in the country since then saudi arabia has been under pressure from the international community and the started sending aid to civilians the logo painted on the ten's say that saudi arabia kingdom of humanity or thought and right of the one says it's hardly humane to wait three years into a bombing campaign to send aid. the saudi actually asked our three years of bombardment by all means that from the from sea from ground they did not
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actually put an end to this war and declare victory and now more than ten thousand people were killed most of them civilians and also all of that the famine is imposed in yemen that are the situation and in the top of that they are saying that we are caring about the humanitarian side of this war we are helping the yemeni people i believe the saudi is usually embarrassed there is sort of this war three years ago and now the intermittent humanity can see the drastic effect on the people and saying that the saudi enough is enough. and that quake in taiwan has reportedly killed six people around ninety people are still missing with at least two hundred ninety injured and six point five magnitude quake hit an island damaging numerous houses these are pictures of a local hotel in which is thought around thirty people remain trapped the ground
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floor has been partly crashed causing the multi-story building to lean to one side rescuers are at the scene now trying to get people out. in the form of hate h.q. of the nazi party the secret police in the city of hamburg is one of the last reminders in the city of the horrors of world war two the city developers decided to give their start homes building a new life which is not going down too well with local. the little it is that many people died off the torture which is unmentioned that's why there must be a commemorative place here it is a social obligation for the victims who have come here with sorrow. to the future i believe that this place should be more appreciated than it currently is.
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the miles and that's how much to lie in a place of death is at the very least tasteless and what was printed by many newspapers hello hello. which is phrased in a way that's reminiscent of the words at the concentration conference mrs work sets you free. so that her for is the former to start with headquarters in hamburg torture took place there. one must feel sorry for the future tenants they did not even know that if it's a hotel for example it's a hotel of horror and torture. well there are doubts he would love to hear your thoughts on all of our stories so do get in touch by following us on social media other back at the top of the hour with all the latest headlines for then.
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i'm here at muddy field stadium in edinburgh the home and the heart of scottish rugby i'm here to interview a scotland legend doherty we're a man who fought many great battles on this pitch behind me now he's engaged in the greatest battle of all his struggle against motor neuron disease. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not a. good hard liner when those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun every day americans. and cooks the stork to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. brought us the with the flow to the best out of the delicious. to the concepts i was preparing to perform i had to actually prepare myself to die. no said he had one of the most naive trust when it came. as most of.
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the snow in homo stuff tariana that her mom. this country was. she had the goods sold and. so we'll see if you think. there was any good with us here. yesterday moorcock i did commission so i took it that you can issue a couple so kind of toilet b.s. k. i mean here. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a debt. on debts from. studying so hard it requires trust if he's going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and
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parching to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. from the. canoe events like on a daily guest focus that is proving. i think the events i called are they still i also think of it when they give you for an interview. these. there are. hopes homicide some up.
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if you don't know. but if you take. this you dog all all the. show is that all the new will believe that they are go up even. if the last fifteen years increase in their ease we could call a spontaneous emergent trend global trend of water it means politicians which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into public happens only until a few years ago the problem was the only game in town. a sentiment. and because he's a law wife you know just. a couple but he's you know i mean he did it by users as from forth and. you know while in the places where i didn't.
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get a thank you to the middle of. the side of my base but if i needed to call beasts what is the locals you better start it's becoming more. become highly profitable might be tradeable those people who see everything as something to investigate they want. they want or. whatever is the driving force of life. a scarce natural resource to which one out
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of ten people on us have no access. the scarcer it becomes management of it that is who provides water to big cities becomes more significant. for more than half a century this was a domain of private water companies however since two thousand things have begun to change. ninety four cases of this awful fronts and i think that this is quite important as a trend especially because france is the country that has invent. it was a proud us asian as we know it today the country that those who are proud has a should best. be a yeah look at us this summer recess.
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did the public showing this commission will do but i'm. not that of a unique companies. miscue to notice it could all upon your consent mistrusts you it's just getting here enough to. know when if i don't usually there are only. decisions as a decision each year and they're easy. so do you. live are you separate a party or. the successes to that era are today's french multinational companies veolia and suez two of the world's largest private water corporations. do you see. this to see. a. stoic scene. in. your.
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local more lessons scenario. this was all cindy looked more. developed morsels or. was better but i put it on a coalition and it was for me to go and what would you have been to some qualities . is to assist the tamil.
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rejected deborah don't it be. a fair good libby do you know are fast. a precaution. or be due should. be plenty of you are very excited about it all back down to. the so-called dr mark by. john look to lead it was a trade unionist and veolia when he started to publicly condemn company practices. that cost him his job and led to a long legal battle that ended with him because owner rated and rehired by veolia. johnny come to us i don't want them back video even did you daily mail for it you mention last year extraordinary something to me on the all very demo i think the fuel shows clearly can resist. if. it include moon do loop i don't disturb them all i still
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see the comp i like top. one. percent off then it how many me. there it would sound it will have a more it's really key fail is reduced really poor to the neon i phone. is suss it will post a straight for about thirty two of them put on them and then they get the peavey charges on the inside of the top all loop on see little down imposed on i do it forces from. new on up a pretty new she owned bottom and there it is that's when the only person still. out on this one on. climbs no system still could look into four i've watched of
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one pretty bleak in the bay in the biggest joy between. gong to the us for not don't use each. to guess you know there is no unit out there that pounding we. might miss. he's not only. poor but it was surely. in that side one night and that nicest person i know and just as in the lean and in the only possible guy and mitt yet in political idea exactly. that is you this newsgroup would. do just fine get. this to do such and this must
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be done. as a display point man on man had. between us and sledged. now this all does lidy want to we once loved to go and meet him but if you see ads if you. can barely never see between ricky preventives it wouldn't and i would ask him how much of it could be never chaffed it and does not believe in up preferred worn out there does not believe. for sure it had this good fare for infant i.c. . sure it why does indelibly expect when they shouldn't and wish to put it back to see it all next release i give up and.
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go in to show the social democrat m.p. and balance parliament asked for and was granted permission to read the contracts between the state and the two companies. she was led into a windowless room where she wasn't allowed to copy a nothing on. even bring a pen to take notes. of all those look i'm out there and you can live. out in public private partnership for traffic. that's is in marble p.p.p. it's all. ready there even now they can barely known each good move by sadly again michigan was out how it's come this didn't work then given the easy first one had one decide how that alley it went their own and she skittish and behind those
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sheets get this under wilson vs indecent to typify taking all kinds of beatrice and sheets gust on disk attacked one see how the former atlanta barely in and all sliced fear and gun and a given and i don't call it back as i can cliche i'm called here on youngish sloane got a scheme can i for a tough. one as a dismissal of prima shift as woody in america zack played by curly and the reason i'm giving this current year of the nation under name or here we're being provided can happen nor are these equal by these in fact kark does guns of these eco lark only cross the line by broken.
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beyond the course of the initial impetus are you suppose i'm to come to a spot or self by negotiations which could be all the smears of me put out all across this while sparing will quite a while where i would pull it back a study of the office. us is a beautiful medieval city and portugal's north with a population of one hundred twenty thousand. in the mid two thousand and six percent all signed a contract award in the concession for water supply services to a consortium of companies. the main shareholder is secular a spanish own multinational. bluesfest can sell us is a spokesman. my risk. ok if it is their parties
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or the concern that. the game faced. in the way of the girls who leave the. some with books but article soon that is from the book which. almost thirty years. vintage sealed but abolish it that it in the lead pleaded. you will take revenge nucleons the video was muted only telling which you must. see they needed to be relieved yes it go into your. message. at all the means must say those. emotional. forces want. you could want i think new christians. if. a visit he believed.


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